The 3 Day Difference


But now, as God’s loving servants, you live in joyous freedom from the power of sin. So consider the benefits you now enjoy—you are brought deeper into the experience of true holiness that ends with eternal life! Romans 6:22 TPT

Today is traditionally known as ‘Good Friday’ and what a good Friday it is indeed! An amazing opportunity to rejoice in what Jesus accomplished on what could have been known as the darkest day in history. Why do I say that?

If you had been one of his followers back on that day, you would have watched as the one you loved was arrested, stripped, beaten, spit on and ridiculed by some of the very ones he had fed and healed months, weeks and days earlier. You would have watched him drag his cross up a long and hilly road where he was nailed to a cross and hung as a common criminal.

All the warnings, the words He’d spoken–lost to the emptiness and hopelessness you felt at that moment. What you had imagined would happen, didn’t happen that way at all. It was over. Finished. He was gone.

But so often we don’t see what’s going on behind the scenes. We only see what we see with our natural eyes and judge accordingly. We couldn’t see the war in hell as Jesus stripped Satan of his authority, took back the keys of death, hell and the grave and with a final blow, thumbed his nose at him by coming back to life.

Oh my dear friend, He didn’t stop with that! No, He would never just leave us powerless! He sent the Holy Spirit, the very life of God to fill our bodies so that we could have the same power to overcome all the works of the enemy. Oh Hallelujah! Glory be to God!

Things may not look good right now, but you don’t know what God’s working on behind the scenes. You may be quarantined right now and unable to be with other believers in flesh form, but because of the Spirit of God in us, we are linked together and as one powerful body, we can worship together and give glory to His Name.

It doesn’t take a building to have church, it takes believers to have church because we are the church. Let your voices rise in worship today because 3 days can make all the difference to changing the trajectory of your circumstances.

In three short days, things will be very different.

Sandy G

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