Everything Fits


He was supreme in the beginning and—leading the resurrection parade—he is supreme in the end. From beginning to end he’s there, towering far above everything, everyone. So spacious is he, so roomy, that everything of God finds its proper place in him without crowding. Not only that, but all the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe—people and things, animals and atoms—get properly fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies, all because of his death, his blood that poured down from the cross. Colossians 1:18-20 Message

I love that everything and everyone fits in God’s plan, even the broken and dislocated things have a place. Your life may look like a chaotic mess, but look at the stars. What appears to the naked eye as a mess is in no means a mess at all. Your ‘mess’ is merely a message developing, a story in process of being told, and what a story it will be.

And as I look at His Word come alive and watch as His purpose’s unfold around me, I’m challenged to look at things differently. Instead of judging by what I can physically see and feel, I’m asking God to show me the side that’s not seen. The side that only His Spirit can reveal to my spirit as I spend time in His presence.

Knowing that I was given that same ability to call those things that aren’t yet seen, into this flesh realm was so inspiring, that I began to write and speak over dull and void areas of my life. Things that appeared broken and dislocated pieces of my life, I spoke life and vitality into them. Just as Father told Ezekiel to speak to dry bones, I’m speaking dead things to life.

Empty bank accounts to be full and reproduce. Relationships that are dead, come to life. Properties, gold, silver, gems, wealth of all types, come with the wisdom to use it properly to build His Kingdom on the earth. Dead things in our body, sickness, disease, respond with life abundantly to the full till it overflows.

Oh, it’s gonna be a GREAT day today. Old things are passed away and ALL things are made new.

Until Next Time,

Sandy G


One thought on “Everything Fits

  1. riverlifepsalms1 says:

    I just shared with someone via messenger the other day that nothing in our lives is wasted, in Christ Jesus!

    The good, He uses…
    The bad, He uses,..
    The ugly, He uses…
    The indifferent, He uses…

    Isn’t it amazing how the Lord uses 828 in order for us to experience 320 in Him!!!!

    “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose….Romans 8:28

    “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose…Ephesians 3:20

    Blessed be the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

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