Over My Head


Living within you is the Christ who floods you with the expectation of glory! This mystery of Christ, embedded within us, becomes a heavenly treasure chest of hope filled with the riches of glory for his people, and God wants everyone to know it! Colossians 1:27 TPT

We scratched the surface of this last week in ‘Guest or Owner’, but I just can’t get it out of my mind. I suppose that’s what David meant in Psalm 1:2, “His pleasure and passion is remaining true to the Word of “I Am,” meditating day and night in the true revelation of light.”

I believe there is a shift in the body of Christ. I’m running into so many believers who are waking up to the realization of what they possess. It’s not merely a good word any longer, it’s a mighty living force, actively working to bring us into position so that we may be who He created us to be in the earth.

I’m sure many of you remember the old hymn, “There is power, power, wonder working power, in the blood of the Lamb.” That is exactly what flows through your veins, the blood of Jesus flows through you. Each time God looks at you, He sees Jesus. He doesn’t see your sin, He sees forgiveness. He doesn’t see weak, He sees strong.

It’s embedded in us! His Spirit lives in us, and the power we need to walk in the fullness of that comes through meditating or marinating in the Word. Asking Holy Spirit to show you more is what relationship or mentoring looks like. He wants to be your mentor. To lead you into ALL truth. It doesn’t have to be a ‘leftover’ meal from someone else. He wants to give it to you from His table.

Father, You want everyone to know You, intimately and completely. There’s not one thing You will withhold from those who love You. What a treasure You are. Each time I sit in Your presence there’s something new I discover. And it’s unending! It just keeps coming and coming, more and more, deeper and deeper, up over my head until I’m drowning in You. To each one reading this today, reveal the treasure they carry. It’s in Jesus’ name and all for Your glory, Amen.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G

One thought on “Over My Head

  1. riverlifepsalms1 says:


    Such truth…………”I believe there is a shift in the body of Christ.”

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