Pay Attention

At God’s command amazing things happen, wonderful things that we can’t understand. He commands snow to fall on the earth, and sends torrents of drenching rain. Job 37:5-6

The first part of that verse stirred me this morning. It was like He was saying it to me personally, “Pay attention! I’ve commanded the blessing on you and this is one of the ways I’m going to do it.”

I would have missed it if I wasn’t at the right place, at the right time. I thought I was going the wrong way because it was strange to me. I looked around and nothing was familiar. But had I not gone in that direction, I would have missed the set up for blessing.

Never allow what others think, keep you from being who God called you to be. Stop trying to be like other people, to imitate the gift that’s in them. You have been chosen for a specific task. The success of your assignment hinges on your ability to obey the direct instructions of God.

Are you listening? If you don’t take time to listen, you will never hear. If you never hear, you will continue on the same path you’re on, possibly going in the wrong direction.

Find a quiet place, turn off the noise and distractions, worship the Lord and give Him thanks, then with no agenda, no prayer requests, just wait for Him to draw near and speak to your spirit. It will be the most productive time of your entire day.

Father, guide me as You promised and don’t let sin rule over me. I will acknowledge you in all my ways for You always direct my paths. My steps have been ordered by You because You know the desire of my heart is to serve You. I trust in You when things don’t make sense. I trust in You when the shaking starts and when it stops. You are my hope and the strength of my life. Keep talking, Lord. I’m listening. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G

One thought on “Pay Attention

  1. riverlifepsalms1 says:

    Have Your way in our lives Lord!!!!!!!!!!!


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