Ecstatic Joy Friday


In His shelter in the day of trouble, that’s where you’ll find me, for He hides me there in His holiness. He has smuggled me into His secret place, where I’m kept safe and secure— out of reach from all my enemies. Triumphant now, I’ll bring Him my offerings of praise, singing and shouting with ecstatic joy! Yes, listen and you can hear the fanfare of my shouts of praise to the Lord! Psalm 27:5-6 TPT

Ah the awesome power of praise. It wells up in you until it spills out like water breaking over a dam. It’s indescribable. Your heart seems to swell until you just can’t contain it a moment longer.

Praise. It’s what Paul and Silas did when they were locked in prison and their chains fell off. It created an opportunity for the salvation of the jail keeper and his entire family.

What will praise do for you? Psalm 8:2 says it like this: You have built a stronghold by the songs of babies. Strength rises up with the chorus of singing children. This kind of praise has the power to shut Satan’s mouth. Childlike worship will silence the madness of those who oppose you.

That’s powerful right there. And it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, planned or perfect. If a childlike praise will silence the madness of opposition and shut Satan’s mouth, I don’t just want it, I NEED it!

If you’re going through anything at all, jump in and sing a silly song, yell out at the top of your voice, “I-LOVE-YOU-JESUS!” So what if someone in the next room hears you. If your praise does all that, don’t you want it too? Sing it out in the shower. Sing it out in your car. Let your children hear you. Make it a teaching moment that it’s what we do so that they can learn to do it too.

Be assured that God the Father has a secret room where you remain hidden in His presence. Lavish your love on Him and just like a wave in the ocean, it will wash back onto you as well. In that moment, ecstatic joy will be yours.

Until Next Time!

Sandy G



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