Ears to Hear


Their minds are dull and slow to perceive, their ears are plugged and are hard of hearing, and they have deliberately shut their eyes to the truth. Otherwise they would open their eyes to see, and open their ears to hear, and open their minds to understand. Then they would turn to me and let me instantly heal them.
Matthew 13:15 TPT

Jesus used this passage from Isaiah to describe the people he taught that day. He told the disciples that people like to listen to him and though they listen to what he says, they do not understand a thing he speaks. They look and pretend to see, but the eyes of their hearts are closed.

He said that those who don’t listen with a teachable heart, even the understanding that they think they have, will be taken from them. He said that’s why he taught them in parables, because they think they’re looking for truth, yet because their hearts are unteachable, they never discover it.

I wonder how many people that describes today? They listen to the top preachers and teachers almost daily but never take time to seek Him with their whole heart. All they are is educated but never gain revelation of who He is or how to apply the words they hear to their everyday life.

They have physical ears to hear but their spirit ears are stopped up with too many earth words so they can’t discern the difference. They’re unfamiliar with the voice of God, and the voice of reason has taken His place. Like the children of Israel, they prefer a second hand relationship with the King instead of intimacy with Him.

Oh Father, unstop our ears and allow us to hear what the Spirit is speaking. Intensify the longing of our hearts for You and You alone. We cry out to You, heal our deafened ears so we may clearly hear Your loving voice. It’s in Jesus’ name we pray, amen.

Until Tomorrow

Sandy G

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