What’s In Your Heart?


Those who are good have good things saved in their hearts. That’s why they say good things. But those who are evil have hearts full of evil, and that’s why they say things that are evil. Matthew 12:35 ERV

You’ve heard the commercial for a popular credit card; “Whats in YOUR wallet?!” When I hear this verse and think, whats in YOUR heart?

Some weekends, I take 2 1/2 hours and listen to some great Word I’ve recorded. Some Saturdays, I just have too much going on to take that much time out, but I find that when I do, my faith is stirred and my heart is challenged to be a doer AND a hearer of the Word.

I must evaluate how I spend my time, because when I spend my time like this, I walk in peace and assurance that the things I’ve spoken in agreement with Gods Word will indeed come to pass. It’s not based on what it looks like or what it feels like.

It’s not based on the ending balance in my bank account or how big a house I have or the size or value of my car. It’s not even about the job I have or my current academic achievements. It’s about what I do with what is in my heart.

It’s about walking in our place of victory, speaking not what we want, but what the Father tells us to speak. Lets not go about our busy lives oblivious that we’re a part of a greater Kingdom which lives in us. Lets take this day and live it like God intended for us to, speaking freedom, showing love, having compassion, reflecting our Fathers heart.

Make this more than a good read, make it a great lifestyle.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G

One thought on “What’s In Your Heart?

  1. An important reminder!

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