Keep Trusting


Keep trusting in the Lord and do what is right in his eyes. Fix your heart on the promises of God and you will be secure, feasting on his faithfulness. Psalm 37:3 TPT

There have been times when I’ve felt the Lord had distanced Himself from me. Like perhaps I’d done something wrong and He just didn’t want to be around me. Then I remembered what His Word says, “I will never leave you nor forsake you!” and I realize that it’s simply a feeling, and Satan messes with my feelings just to try and convince me that the way I feel is more real than the truth of God’s Word.

The second part of this verse is so important; Fix your heart on the promises of God and you will be secure, feasting on his faithfulness. To fix my heart on His promises means that my gaze will not falter, shift or lose focus. His promises remain intact regardless of what it looks like, feels like or sounds like.

Feasting on His faithfulness makes me think of a church picnic, where all the families of the church gather and everyone prepares and brings their best recipes to share. Once you taste and partake of the goodness, throughout the week you remember how good that tasted.

When you feast on Gods faithfulness, you remember what He did for you in the past. You recall that time when your daughter licked the ant poison off the card you had set out for those sugar ants. You knew what the bottle said, but you trusted in the Lord that when Jesus said, “They will take up poisonous things and it won’t harm them,” you took Him at His Word and she never even got sick.

You feast on His faithfulness that He’s indeed your Provider. You remember that season when you had no income and a family you didn’t know delivered groceries to your door. He made a way where there was no way! There were no jobs anywhere, but God began to drop opportunities at the right time so we could pay a bill.

Perhaps you’re in a desolate place right now and you’re wondering if any of the Words God has given you will ever come to pass. My friend, Keep trusting in the Lord and do what is right in his eyes. 

When I’m in that place of uncertainty and everywhere I look appears empty and lifeless, I speak life into it. Just as Ezekiel spoke to those dry bones, I speak life over every empty and lifeless situation. I call on the Spirit of the Lord inside of me and speak life over every void I see. He’s waiting for an assignment. Just as He hovered over the waters waiting for God to speak, so He’s waiting for you.

Father, my heart trusts in You! The way You love me is astounding. Every morning when I wake up, Your loving arms are around me and the memory of Your tender kisses are still on my lips.

Even when all I see is darkness, You are my Light and my Salvation. When I feel alone, I will remember You’ll never leave me. What manifests in this earthly realm is subject to change by Your spoken Word. You are forever one with my spirit and my soul will make it’s boast in You. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Until Tomorrow,

Sandy G


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