Friday’s Praise


It’s so enjoyable to come before you with uncontainable praises spilling from our hearts! How we love to sing our praises over and over to you, to the matchless God, high and exalted over all! At each and every sunrise we will be thanking you for your kindness and your love. As the sun sets and all through the night, we will keep proclaiming, “You are so faithful!”  Melodies of praise will fill the air as every musical instrument, joined with every heart, overflows with worship. No wonder I’m so glad; I can’t keep it in! Lord, I’m shouting with glee over all you’ve done, for all you’ve done for me! Psalm 92:1-4 TPT

Faithful! You’re always faithful! My soul sings out my worship this morning. You’re forever my God and forever faithful to me. Your mercies are new each morning and I just want to bathe in it today.

Each and every care, I place it in Your capable hands for You are well able to deliver me from every trap the enemy would set for me. You’re my Healer, Strong Tower, Mighty Fortress, Deliverer and Your grace is like compounded interest on my account with You.

You constantly play the strings of my heart like a harp, allowing me to sing songs to You as I sleep and awake with a melody on my lips. You have gathered all of my tears and bottled them up to be poured out before You a sweet incense. May You delight in me today oh Great Lover of my soul.

I stand before you robed in Your righteousness and clothed in Your glory and strength. I’m a yielded and ready warrior, ready to carry out Your orders for me today. I delight in serving You with my whole heart, for You are mine and I am Yours. May my steps be ordered and everything I do reflect Your great Love. It’s in Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

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