I Can See!


“I met the man named Jesus! He rubbed clay on my eyes and said, ‘Go to the pool named Siloam and wash.’ So I went and while I was washing the clay from my eyes I began to see for the very first time ever!” John 9:11 TPT

I bet he never forgot that day, the day when he met a man who rubbed clay in his eyes and told him to go wash and he saw for the first time ever! Miracle after miracle happened everywhere Jesus went. He carried the very presence of God with Him where ever He went and did good everywhere.

Lately I’ve been spending much of my spare time just thinking about verses like this and wondering why I’m not doing what He did? This is my conclusion. Jesus said that all things are possible for those who believe so perhaps I know it in my head but not my heart.

I must be fully persuaded that He is able to do exceedingly abundantly beyond anything I can think or even imagine according to the power that works in me. What power? Gods power. Where? Within me. I am a powerhouse for the Holy Spirit to work through. And I’m not alone! You are, and you, and even you! If you’ve received the Holy Spirit since you believed, than yes, YOU have that same power working in you.

So while I’ve been learning about the power I possess, I’ve also been learning to trust and surrender to the source of that power who dwells within me. I’m learning to hear Him clearer and follow His leading in everything. When to talk, when to not talk. When to move, when to not move. I’m learning to say what He says and do what I see Him do. If Jesus had to do it that way, I’m pretty sure I need to learn that too.

Whose in with me? Let’s get good at listening and obeying so that we no longer trust in ourselves, but in He who is in us. Then let’s get busy changing the world one miracle at a time. To God be the glory and may His Kingdom be evident in the earth.

Until Tomorrow

Sandy G

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