Get Ready For New


See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland. Isaiah 43:19

This verse holds so much excitement and promise, but it also raises questions; Is this it? Where do I go from here? The uncertainty sometimes leaves us wondering if somehow, someway we missed it.

This word uncertain means to be unsure of something. Also, uncertain things are undecided, unknown, or doubtful in some way.  If you’re certain of something, you’re sure of it. When you’re uncertain, you just don’t know.

But the one thing God says is this; See, I am doing a new thing! That tells me I will see it. But here’s one place I won’t see it; in the old. I can never expect the new thing to look like the old thing. When God says see, He intends for me to look for it, expect it, perceive it.

When I read a verse, I ask God to show me new things that I didn’t know before. Guess what? If you ask, you will receive it. Don’t ever look at scripture as you always have, ask God for new eyes that lead you into a deeper desire for intimacy and knowledge of His nature.

And my dear sweet friends who are always asking for the old, STOP! God wants to expose the power that’s in you to the world. He wants to reveal His true sons and daughters, those who have allowed His Spirit free access to walk in power and demonstration. Just as Jesus was, so will we be in the world.

New things surprise us. New things make us smile, they’re exciting, they’re amazing. God wants to lavish His gifts on us so that we in turn can be a conduit to the lost. When He said, “I will pour out blessings you don’t have room to receive!” He really meant that.

Imagine yourself sitting at the feet of Jesus as He tells you what’s in store for you. Wouldn’t you want it all? You wouldn’t settle for just His love-although that in itself is overwhelming. But He has so much more for you! Don’t walk away with a taste when He has a table prepared for you that contains everything you’ll ever need and more.

Sweet, sweet Father. You never disappoint! When I’m weary, You give me strength. When I’m sad, You give me joy. When I’m in the middle of turmoil, You bring me peace. There is nothing I could ever face where You are not beside me, leading and guiding, pouring out blessings I don’t have room for. I’m so excited. I watching for the new because I perceive it’s just around the next corner. It’s in Jesus’ name and always for Your glory, Amen.

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