Make It Your Business!


And why would you say, “But it’s none of my business”? The one who knows you completely and judges your every motive is also the keeper of souls—and not just yours! He sees through your excuses and holds you responsible for failing to help those whose lives are threatened. Proverbs 26:12 TPT

Have you ever met someone who has an excuse for everything? Each time you ask them to do something, you hear; “I can’t! I have to work,” “I can’t, I don’t have the money,” “I can’t, I have to wash my car,” “I can’t, I’ll be out of town.” What happens? After awhile you simply stop asking.

I’ve made them, you’ve made them, everyone has made excuses at one point in time. It’s what keeps us from over-committing or doing things we just don’t want to do. There is no way that any of us can do everything we’re asked to do, but can we please find some balance?

I believe God intended for us to help others, especially when we see a need. It’s easy to offer support in some way, even if it’s a cup of water, a word of hope, to pray with someone or just to listen.

Our society has become extremely self-centered. If it doesn’t benefit numero uno, we turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. We’re too busy to be involved in someone else’s drama. “How much are you going to give me if I do that?” Nothing! The reward is in the good feelings you’ll get because you did something good for someone else. “Not interested!”

Not interested until it’s them who is hungry, thirsty, lay bleeding on the ground. Not interested until it’s their child missing, or in jail, or the hospital. Not willing until their perspective changes and they see the world through the eyes of God who is unwilling that any should perish.

Matthew 25:41-46:

“Then to those on his left the King will say, ‘Leave me! For you are under the curse of eternal fire that has been destined for the devil and all his demons.  For when you saw me hungry, you refused to give me food, and when you saw me thirsty, you refused to give me something to drink.  I had no place to stay, and you refused to take me in as your guest. When you saw me poorly clothed, you closed your hearts and would not cover me. When you saw that I was sick, you didn’t lift a finger to help me, and when I was imprisoned, you never came to visit me.’

“And then those on his left will say, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry or thirsty and not give you food and something to drink? When did we see you homeless, or poorly clothed? When did we see you sick and not help you, or in prison and not visit you?’

“Then he will answer them, ‘Don’t you know? When you refused to help one of the least important among these my little ones, my true brothers and sisters, you refused to help and honor me.’  And they will depart from his presence and go into eternal punishment. But the godly and beloved ‘sheep’ will enter into eternal bliss.”

Change your perspective-change your destination. Make others your business!

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