My Pleasure & Passion


What delight comes to the one who follows God’s ways! He won’t walk in step with the wicked, nor share the sinner’s way, nor be found sitting in the scorner’s seat. His pleasure and passion is remaining true to the Word of “I Am,” meditating day and night in the true revelation of light. He will be standing firm like a flourishing tree planted by God’s design, deeply rooted by the brooks of bliss, bearing fruit in every season of his life. He is never dry, never fainting, ever blessed, ever prosperous. Psalm 1:1-3 TPT

I had to share this beautiful observation of Davids this morning. This just mirrored my heart in so many ways.

  1. It’s truly a delight to follow Gods ways. I get so excited when I can demonstrate His unconditional love. It takes mean people off guard when I respond with a smile and offer to help them. Following in His footsteps, even if it takes me so far out of my way and takes me twice as long as planned.
  2. To choose to be different from the world. To go left when everyone else goes right. To say a kind word when everyone else is bullying. To stand up and walk away from gossip even if it makes you look bad to them. I’d rather look good to God!
  3. My passion-His Word. Oh a thousand times YES! It’s the air I breathe, the foundation I stand on, the only truth I buy into. His Word is alive, fluid, moving here, fitting into there. Like a puzzle, it reveals itself as it all comes into place, and each time I look, I see something new and amazing. When I’m wounded, it heals. When I’m tired, it energizes. When I’m lost, it directs me. His Word is in me, even in my mouth and in my heart. It takes my breath away, then breathes into me so that I’m again alive and renewed.
  4. Standing firm like a flourishing tree. Now there’s a picture! Deeply rooted, not easily moved, a tree brings fruit so that all who gather may eat of it. A tree provides shade in the heat of the day and acts as an umbrella when it rains. It’s not easily uprooted and can survive strong storms. Planted by the water where it drinks daily and doesn’t get thirsty or dry. Always blessed. Always prosperous.

Father, thank You for the feast prepared for me as I sat at Your table this morning. It’s so satisfying, so filling and keeps on giving nourishment to myself and others. I’m so thankful. Every Word You’ve spoken will come to pass in my life and the lives of those reading this. Your Word of health to all our flesh. Your Word of provision for everything we have need of. You are my pleasure and my passion. It’s in Jesus’ name, Amen.


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