He’s Still Waiting


Yet even so, you waited and waited, watching to see if they would turn and cry out to you for a father’s help. And then, when you heard their cry, you relented and you remembered your covenant and you turned your heart toward them again, according to your abundant, overflowing, and limitless love. Psalm 106:44-45 TPT

I was thinking about the patient lovingkindness of God with His children after He rescued them from Egypt and set them free from slavery. Then I realized that we are no different. Self centered, always wanting our own way, in all He did to rescue us we still complain.

Where are You God? I prayed for provision, I trusted You and You let me down! Never mind! I’ll do it myself!

Time after time He delivers us from the messes we make and we aren’t even thankful. We’re so self absorbed with what we want or need that many times, we don’t even realize Gods hand just rescued us from calamity.

The only time we cry out is when we’re in need! Demanding not requesting. No time for relationship, but please be my sugar daddy.

Yet He still waits. Waits for us to come to Him, not call Him to us. Waiting for us to love Him and trust in His plan. Unconditionally. To do the Word not just hear the Word.

“Do it again, Lord! Save us, O Lord, our God! Gather us from our exile and unite us together so that we will give our great and joyous thanks to you again and bring you glory by our praises.  Blessed be our Lord God forever and ever. And let everyone everywhere say, “Hallelujah!” Amen! Faithful is our King!” Psalm 106:47-48

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