It’s Not My Idea


So Jesus responded, “I don’t teach my own ideas, but the truth revealed to me by the One who sent me.  If you want to test my teachings and discover where I received them, first be passionate to do God’s will, and then you will be able to discern if my teachings are from the heart of God or from my own opinions.” John 7:16-18 TPT

It’s Gods desire that we know Him in all of His fullness. He wants us to know His nature, His heart and the things He cares about. The more we search for Him, the more we discover who He is. He reveals Himself to those who want to know more about Him. Some things you can read from the Book, but some things you’ll never discover until His Spirit reveals them to you.

Jesus didn’t teach his own ideas, but the truth that His Father revealed to Him. He found His secret place and stayed there regardless of where He physically traveled. He recognized that the Spirit of God came upon Him when John baptized Him. He tapped into that and yielded Himself to the revelation He brought.

How do we think we can teach until we’ve sat with the Teacher? How can we receive food until we sit at the table? How can we partake of that food without proper utensils and how will it satisfy unless we’re hungry.

Matthew 10:7-8, Jesus said; And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’  Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.

When God teaches me things, I freely give them away. Some will reject them and some will grab hold of them. It’s not up to me to withhold, but to freely give. People will never know they’re hungry until you introduce them to good food. After that, they will either want more or go their merry way.

It wasn’t my idea to blog. Dear Lord there are times when it’s read by so few I wonder if it’s really worth it but then I hear the Lord say, “What does it matter to you? It’s only obedience I’m asking of you. Besides, you’re merely journaling what I’m teaching you and being the fire starter I’ve called you to be.”

What about you? Are you willing to go into all the world and share the news that Jesus shared? Are you willing to look the fool to bring hope to those who are lost? It’s not about your ideas on how you should do it. No, it’s about you listening to how the Holy Spirit wants you to deliver the message. Don’t get in such a script that you’re not relevant to reach out to those who’ve never heard. He knows what you should say to reach that one better then you do!

Father, I like your ideas! They are so much better than anything I could drum up on my own. Walt’s always telling me to turn my mind off, but I know You can speak to me in the most unusual ways and I’ll listen and obey. That’s just how You made me and I’m Your daughter. It’s in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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