A Life Style Change


Delightfully loved ones, if he loved us with such tremendous love, then “loving one another” should be our way of life! 1 John 4:11 TPT

How would you describe your life style? Is it all about others or all about you? Are you an observer or a participant? Do you spend more time thinking about doing something or do you actually do it?

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to be kind or show Gods love to others. Simply being courteous and letting another car in front of you would be a stretch for some of us. Hey, the struggle is real! There are times when where I’m going or what I’m doing takes precedence over what I should be doing.

As I read this verse I realized that if I’m to make loving others my way of life, I must constantly remind myself of how much God loves me and what He gave to show that love.  I must remember that if the Spirit of God is in me, the Love of God is in me and if the Love of God is in me, His very nature to love is in me. If it’s His nature to love, it’s my nature to love.

Verses 20-21 says; Anyone can say, “I love God,” yet have hatred toward another believer. This makes him a phony, because if you don’t love a brother or sister, whom you can see, how can you truly love God, whom you can’t see?  For he has given us this command: whoever loves God must also demonstrate love to others.

Perhaps you’re not feeling loved right now, I would encourage you to sow a seed of love today. How will you demonstrate love to others? In the way you need it yourself. It could be as simple as offering to take someone who too is lonely out to lunch. Not to talk about your loneliness, but to talk about how good God is to have put them in your life.

Let the love of God create a life style change in you. Be so filled with His love that you can’t help but love others. When you struggle to love or be kind, remind yourself of how much the Father loved you and gave His Son to die so that He could restore fellowship with you again.

Father, may I look for ways to show love today and every day. To reflect Your love to others is the only way this world will change. Such love, such wondrous love! May it overflow out of me to change the atmosphere around me. It’s in Jesus’ name, Amen.





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