Merry Christmas Everyone


So much to be thankful for. I woke up this morning and was reminded how good God is to us. Laying next to a wonderful man for almost 43 years, one who treats me with honor and respect, who loves God more then me but reflects that love to me daily. A girl couldn’t ask for a better gift then that.

And far away in another state I have two beautiful daughters who love God and love me. What a wonderful gift they are! I don’t take that for granted at all but appreciate it for what it is. Relationship takes work but like a garden, it produces what you plant. It’s a perfect garden to me that keeps yielding good fruit.

Some of that fruit is the grand children I have. Each one of them as unique as a snowflake, gifted, talented givers, investing the love of God in everyone they meet. I love watching them create their own gardens by valuing others over themselves. God has His hand on them and will use them according to His plans.

And to each of you my friends and family, who faithfully read my blogs and encourage me to write, such a gift you are to me. God knew who I needed in this journey and gave me you. I will never forget what you’ve done and never cease to pray Gods great blessings on you. May this next year blow you away! May you be constantly in awe as His hand rests on you.

Merry Christmas! Be blessed and I love you!

Sandy Gregory-Gods Daughter

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