Discovering Hidden Things


Then the Holy Spirit made Jesus feel very happy. Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth. I am thankful that you have hidden these things from those who are so wise and so smart. But you have shown them to people who are like little children. Yes, Father, you did this because it’s what you really wanted to do.  My Father has given me all things. No one knows who the Son is—only the Father knows. And only the Son knows who the Father is. The only people who will know about the Father are those the Son chooses to tell.” Luke 10:21-22 ERV

I was reflecting on how some people are just so super smart and educated, but it seems that’s never been Gods selection process. He chooses the foolish to confound the wise, the least to be the greatest, those with little to give much. It just doesn’t make sense in the natural, does it?

I remember wrapping gifts to put under the tree for our own children, envisioning them as they opened them up to discover what was inside. Imagining that joy always made me smile. I think this is what Jesus was experiencing. He knew the joy we would experience as He revealed the Father to us.

I’m coming to You as a child today, ready to discover another aspect of who You are in me. So much to know, so little time.  I could sit with You all day, everyday and still not know all of You. But I hungrily wait, ready to partake, fork in hand, mouth watering. Come Holy Spirit and bring the Wine to complete the table set before me. Nothing satisfies like You do. It’s in Jesus I rejoice in the discovery. Amen


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