The Grand Finale


Naomi said, “Sit back and relax, my dear daughter, until we find out how things turn out; that man isn’t going to fool around. Mark my words, he’s going to get everything wrapped up today.” Ruth 3:18 Message

One of my favorite stories in the bible is the great story of Ruth and Naomi told in the book of Ruth. I’ve read it countless times in several translations but this morning, this verse caught my attention. It was almost like God was speaking directly to me about some things that have been going on in my life.

Have you ever experienced that? Where the Word of God becomes so personal, so intimate that you’re able to close your eyes and feel a sense of the living Spirit of God washing over you? That’s what just happened to me. I could almost hear the intensity building to a grand finale!

I get the feeling you can relate to what I’m saying. This is a word for some who have been through some tough stuff, waded through some deep junk, are exhausted in the waiting, stressed at not knowing. Hear what the Lord is saying today:

“Sit back and relax, my dear daughter (son)! I’m about to make your enemies take notice of you. I’m working all things out for your good. The plans the enemy had to destroy you will be turned back on him. Stand still and see the salvation of your God. I won’t rest until every obstacle standing before you is removed and you’re set back on the path I intended for you to walk on.

“Mark my words,” says the Lord, “Your enemy will not win or destroy the plans I have for you. When I said I would bless you, I meant what I said! When I said I would give you houses and lands, I wasn’t just making it up. I am the Lord your God and I mean what I say and say what I mean. I am He who calls those things into existence for you who do my good pleasure. You who hope in your God will do great exploits, for I the Lord declare it!”

This song has been looping in my spirit since we sang it last Sunday.  I leave you with it to soak in while you wait on His promises to manifest. Be blessed my friends!


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