My Weakest Worship


My weakest worship deserves Your deepest love.

The eyes of the Lord are upon even the weakest worshipers who love him— those who wait in hope and expectation for the strong, steady love of God. Psalm 33:18

There have been many times when I just didn’t feel like worshipping but I did it anyway because I’ve learned it’s not about feelings, it’s about doing right things for the right reasons. At the time, it felt like it was just wimpy worship. Like maybe I should have stayed home from church because what’s the point if you’re not worshipping with all your heart?

But when I ran across this verse I realized that because I love Him, even at my weakest, He is still strong and steady in His love for me, how awesome is that? I can be having the worst day ever, feel like the world is crashing all around me and when I lift my hands and close my eyes and turn my spirit toward His, my hope and I confidence returns and I’m lost in His presence.

Oh the measure of Your love for me! Not one thing You’ve created can contain it all yet You’ve chosen to flood me with it. This Love can’t be duplicated or engineered. It’s amazingly indescribable and tremendously unpredictable but never ending in it’s ebb and flow. In my weakness You’re made strong.  I will gladly let Your arms envelop me and hold me up, for I cannot stand in Your presence. All Your glory surrounds me like a cloud. I am left undone.


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