Caves & Caverns


Have you ever been in a cave void of light? I once visited the Cumberland Caverns in Tennessee and once in the deepest part of the caves, they turned the lights off. I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. All sorts of thoughts crashed through my mind before they began a short video cataloging the stars and all of creation.

Sometimes darkness becomes our primary focus, hampering us from reaching our full potential in life. Just as if our soul is full of windows and they’ve become layered with the grime of experiences we’ve had. The abuse of a father, the cruel words of a mother, the bullying at school, an unexpected pregnancy, a hurtful friend or the loss of a love. Every experience simply adds to the darkness until it’s impossible to see anyone else in because the darkness hinders our vision.

Oh my dear friends, do you not realize the light that is in you waiting to burst forth? It’s time to clean the windows and let the light shine. Some of you have never allowed the light to shine, you’ve simply kept it hidden deep inside of you hoping no one will expose the horrible life you’ve lived. But the powerful effect of the light will not just change you but it will change those around us.  The powerful light in you is perfect Love and perfect Love casts out fear!. It changes the way we see things and people around us.

If you knew the power of the light that is inside of you to change lives, you would allow Love to clean you and eradicate the painful memories and flood the world around you with the light of that Love.  Stop hiding in the dark. Stop wishing things will change and let Love set you free.

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