Love Does Not Dishonor


In Esther chapter 1, we find a huge party planned with many noble people invited. This party lasted for days, not just a simple dinner party. On the 7th day of the party, King Ahasuerus told his servants to bring the queen to him so he could show off her beauty to those attending, but she refused to come. Her refusal to come made the king very angry, as we can imagine. She didn’t just offend the king, but his leaders and the people he ruled over. Her actions caused a reaction. Her actions had consequences.

When the king consulted with his wise men who understood the times, they showed their concern that what she did in dishonoring the kings request, would spread throughout the kingdom and cause other wives to stand up and rebel against their own husbands.

My friends, this word dishonor simply means treating someone as common or ordinary. It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is! It causes us and others to become disrespectful, and feel it’s not necessary to listen and obey. This is the reason God was clear on how we honor those in authority over us. If we don’t, it breaks down society and effects others by our actions. If you doubt this, just look at what has happened with our president and how far reaching the dishonor has gone in our homes.

In this story I see our King calling His queen to show her off to the world, but she refuses to come.  She’s become too absorbed with her own plans and purposes, too busy with her own agenda and wants to be her own boss.

Having lost the heart and obedience of his Queen, He is searching throughout the earth to find those with a pure heart, so they may be prepared to show off His power and glory. It doesn’t matter their social standing, age or rank in life. He’s pulling them off the streets, from abusive homes, from prisons, the highways and byways of life because His own have dishonored Him by being too busy with their life in this world to do His bidding.

He’s been gathering men and women across the globe and preparing them to rule with Him.  A people who will set aside their agenda for His own, who will leave their jobs, their homes, their father and mother, sister and brother behind for the sake of the Kingdom. Those whose hearts follow hard after Him, will be those who gain access to the inner courts of the King.

I want to be a part of that.  The bible makes it abundantly clear that those who hesitate, will not take part in the Kingdom of God but will be left behind. What has your heart? What you honor, you will obey. What you honor, you will prioritize.

Everyday I ask God to show me ANY area where there is the least bit of hesitation. It’s one thing to say, “I’ll go ANYWHERE you send me!” It’s yet another to actually go. To be a part of a body of believers who smell bad, look bad, are too weird, speak in tongues, to be uncomfortable sitting next to, thats EXACTLY where I want to be.

Some people wear their yuck on the outside, others on the inside.

Jesus, more than anything in this world, I need You. Without You I’m lost. Please wrap yourself around me and take me because I am entirely Yours. Every bit of my yuck is Yours to beautify. I yield to the treatments of holiness for a night with You. May I lose myself and find You. It’s all for Your glory, Amen.

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