Loving Me


“Loving me empowers you to obey my word. And my Father will love you so deeply that we will come to you and make you our dwelling place.” John 14:23 TPT

Love does so many things, but this one, loving Jesus empowers me to obey God’s Word, that is so very profound. If I just focus on loving Jesus. Seems the more I pour out, my heart is overwhelmed with more love then I can contain. It’s the spill-over affect that changes lives around me.

But the second part of that verse makes me so excited! That Father will love me so deeply that He will come to me and make me His dwelling place. Me. Sandy Gregory! A place God calls home. That thrills my soul.

“Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee, How Great Thou Art! How Great Thou Art! Then sings my soul, my Savior God to thee, How Great Thou Art! How Great Thou Art!”

He’s in me. He’s in me on purpose, for purpose. He’s in me to perfect me, not based on my merit, but on Jesus’ merit. He’s in me every moment of every day. Good days, bad days, He’s still in me. My hope. My healer. My provider. My strong tower. My refuge. My help. My Love.

It’s not me who is able to do what God intended me to do, it’s Christ in me who is able. Mine is to love and surrender to His love. His is to abide in me. I can live with that! I can do with that. I can love others with that.

Father, thank You for placing Your Spirit in me and accompanying me each day and night. In the good times, the hard times, the lonely times, the frustrating times, You’re always there, lighting the way and leading me on. I love You Jesus!

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