“Loving me empowers you to obey my commands. And I will ask the Father and he will give you another Savior, the Holy Spirit of Truth, who will be to you a friend just like me—and he will never leave you. The world won’t receive him because they can’t see him or know him. But you will know him intimately, because he will make his home in you and will live inside you.” John 14:15-17 TPT

I tried so hard to be good! No really! Have you ever heard those words or said them? There seems to be a lot of pressure to follow the rules. But it’s so hard!

Yesterday, I was listening to a message about a man who threw a party for his sons birthday. There were bouncy houses and all sorts of fun activities he’d provided. As he gathered all the kids together, he gave instructions that the only thing they couldn’t do is spit in his flower garden.

Guess what all of them did? Spit in his flower garden. Why? He had made them ‘rule’ conscious and whatever we become conscious of, we tend to do. If he had shown them all the games and fun things to do and not mentioned the flowers, they probably wouldn’t have been aware they were even there.

Satan makes us sin conscious. He constantly reminds us of our sin nature and the things we’re not suppose to do. He highlights the wrongs done, the bad things happening around us. It’s all a distraction to keep us focused on the wrong things. But Jesus said to love because love empowers you to obey.

What if our primary focus wasn’t on the wrongs but on ways to love and show the love of God to others. What if by training ourselves to love, we lost sight of the wrong attitudes and actions. Jesus knew that if we’re focused on loving Him, we would become more God conscious and aware of His abilities in us. He gave us the biggest gift, the Holy Spirit, who leads us into all truth. Knowing Him intimately is the only way to walk daily in the love of God.

Father, thank You for Your Holy Spirit. I choose to focus on You because You are Love. The more I surrender myself to Love, the more like Love I become. My goal today is Your goal for me always, that I may so consumed with Love that there is no room left in me to do anything else. It’s in Jesus’ name, Amen.

Empowering Love

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