Intimate Friends


Exodus 33:12-13 NLT “You have told me, ‘I know you by name, and I look favorably on you.’ If it is true that You look favorably on me, let me know Your ways so I may understand You more fully and continue to enjoy Your favor.”

Now that right there is the key to intimate friendship with God. More God. I want to know God like that. I have an insatiable longing for the presence of the Lord. Sometimes, I’d just like to go up onto a mountain alone and be with the Lord. Perhaps I should have just stayed up at 2am and sat in his presence instead of tossing and turning. I’m sure it would have been a better experience! LOL

All joking aside, I believe that friendship with God comes when we choose to spend time with Him. When His Word becomes a treasure we seek. When we place our confidence in Him and know that He will never leave us or forsake us. God does not withhold from us! He longs to have relationship with each of us, but it starts with a yearning, a calling out, a dissatisfaction with where we are now.

No matter how close I become, I know I can be closer still. I won’t be satisfied with one sided conversation; I need to hear his voice. It’s what keeps me coming back for more. How about you? Is that where your heart is? Do you find yourself increasingly dissatisfied with your life as it is? It’s time to set aside some time to worship your maker and ask Him for more.

Father, hear our hearts cry for more. Speak to us. Share with us Your secrets so that we may know You deeper. Our life isn’t worth living without You, so come. Come breathe on us and refresh us with Your Holy Spirit. Lead us into all truth. It’s in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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