Stay Ready!


I’ve never been so excited in my spirit before and trust me, I’ve been pretty excited there as well. It feels like I’m about to collide with multiple God moments all at one time. The body of Christ is coming together in ways we’ve never seen or heard and it’s about to get extremely messy in a wonderful way.

I hear the Spirit say, “Get ready! This is the day I’ve chosen for you to shine!”

My mind immediately went to the story of Esther. She was one of many young women who were captured and taken to the palace to be prepared for the king. According to Esther 2:12, Before a young woman could take her turn to go in before King Xerxes, she had to complete twelve months of beauty treatments—six months with oil of myrrh and six months with perfumes and cosmetics.

UnknownSome of us have been through a lot of preparation to be ready for our time with the King.  12 years times 12! We’ve waited in the shadows, hoping to be noticed, only to be dismissed for another. We’ve asked, “What good am I to the Kingdom? Will God ever choose me?” But something on the inside knows I was created for more.

So we keep focusing on who is in us and refuse to listen to the voice of defeat. We continue searching in His Word for the truth to refute the lies being whispered in our ears. It’s not for us to know the time, only to be ready when the time comes. It’s what Jesus said in Mark 13:33; “Take heed, keep on the alert; for you do not know when the appointed time will come.”

But it will come! The time will come for you if you’re watching, listening, loving, attentive to His voice. And don’t wait for man to ask you. If God sends you, go! Be very sure of this, if it’s Him calling, you will recognize His voice and when you say YES, He will also confirm His word and open doors for you. God qualifies and equips those He calls.

Father, may my words encourage others to do what You’ve asked of them. May they accommodate the call, not when they feel their ready, for it would be them. But may they rely heavily on You to cultivate the gift in them. Most of all, Lord, may they bear much fruit. So much in fact, that others come and eat from their branches. It’s in Jesus’ name we call out, “Here I am, send me!”






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