Loving Correction


Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don’t try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track.  Don’t assume that you know it all. Run to God! Run from evil! Your body will glow with health, your very bones will vibrate with life!  Honor God with everything you own; give him the first and the best.  Your barns will burst, your wine vats will brim over.  But don’t, dear friend, resent God’s discipline; don’t sulk under his loving correction. It’s the child he loves that God corrects; a father’s delight is behind all this. Proverbs 3:5-12 Message

As I read these verses again, I realized that we all love the good stuff, it’s the trust and discipline we have a hard time with. The thing is, without trust and discipline, we’ll never enjoy the good stuff, we’ll never know God loves us!

Trust brings intimacy. It’s the key to submission. Without trust, I’m always wondering what the motive is behind the gifts. When someone says, ‘Trust me!’, my first inclination is to question. How well do I know you? I don’t like being tricked! But when I truly know the person, I don’t question, I submit.

Example; Walt and I were attending a large church in Michigan and were both involved in ministry there. During a period of time, I was stalked by a man who was a bit mentally challenged but had a massive sexual perversion. When I told Walt about it, he kept his eye on me. Whenever he say this man try to approach me, Walt would take my arm and lead me away from the threat. Because I was intimately acquainted with Walt, I didn’t question him because I knew he always had my best interest in mind.

That’s how it is with God, if you truly know Him, it’s easy to trust Him, even when things aren’t going the way we think it should. To simply obey Him when He says, “Go this way!” without trying to figure out what He’s up to, shows that you trust Him. And to see His discipline as an act of love, that my friend shows you understand parenting!

Father, you are the best Father ever! I just love you so much! And my simple words seem hollow and inadequate, but I know you love to hear them, because each time I do your spirit leaps inside of me and I feel the expression of your love back at me. Help me not to throw a fit when I don’t get my own way. It looks ugly on me and proves I’m still a child, in need of a good spanking! No one likes to be disciplined, but I’d rather you do that then leave me the way I am. I trust you to do what needs to be done so that I may mature and be the child you’re proud of, regardless of my human age.  It’s in Jesus’ name and for your glory I pray this, Amen.

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