Let’s Talk


Have you ever allowed the noise around you to fade away and the still small voice of the mighty and powerful God to touch your ears? I recently sat by the water and the wind was blowing and seemed to extinguish the noises around me. Out of the wind, I clearly heard God speak to my spirit, “I’ve missed you! These quiet times together is what I love most.”

Now please note, God hasn’t been silent in my life. He’s always speaking to me, prompting me, bringing me peace. But the difference here was that I became still. I had put down my phone, no books, no bible, just the wind and the waves and the voice of my beloved Father.

We become extremely busy in this life. We work, we clean, we fix meals, we transport children, pick up groceries, chat with friends, watch tv, but where is the time to still our soul and hear God speak of His love to us? It’s what I call ‘me’ time. When my life has become it’s own entity and constantly begs for attention, that’s when I must put everything aside and get alone with God.

Exodus 33:11a, In this way the Lord spoke to Moses face to face like a man speaks with his friend.

There is no better friend then God. Do you know Him that way? Do you make time for Him? Do you ever just pour your love out to Him and bless His name, then sit still until His presence sweeps over you? Who is God to you? Is He merely a genie in a bottle? Do you only go to Him when you need something? My friend, if I personally came to you and asked if we could talk, would you make the time for me? Will you make time for God?

Father, I humbly come before You asking You to forgive me for being too wrapped up in my own agenda to be still before You. I forget sometimes that it’s about more then doing things for others or being obedient, it’s about spending quiet time with You. That’s when You show me great and mighty things I don’t know. That’s when You show me where to go and when to stay. So I wait on You. I will be still and know that You are God…….

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