Pregnant With Promise


I believe the sweetest act and gift to God is surrender. That word ‘surrender’ means; to give oneself up, as into the power of another; submit or yield. Jesus set the example when He surrendered to the Father, gave himself, yielded to His power so that we would receive the ultimate gift, redemption.

God watches us struggle to have our own way, when his plans are so much better. We never ask, we just run ahead and quickly do it. Like willful children, our cry is, “I want, I want, I want!’, only to quickly cry out for help when we’ve buried ourself in debt or made a mess of our health. We use the Word as a magic wand, insisting that God help us out of our trouble when trouble could have been avoided if we’d have just surrendered.

This time of year, it’s easy to overspend on gifts we can’t afford, after all, didn’t God promise prosperity? Unfortunately, that’s not how God works. He’s not a big bail out or lottery ticket. I believe his words from Deuteronomy 28 were, if you obey, then you will have.

There was a young girl we all could learn from, her is name Mary. I’m sure the very idea of being pregnant, bringing shame on her family and Joseph weighed heavy on her mind, but her surrender brought us all the greatest gift, Jesus. The moment she said, “Let it be according to your Word” (Luke 1:38), she put herself in total agreement with Gods Word. Agreeing to do the difficult thing for the optimal result, even without knowing the outcome is truly surrender.

Thats what God wants for each of us, to come into total agreement. Thats what surrender is. It’s not, ‘fine, have it your way!’ It’s, ‘I’m yours Lord, do with me as you will’.  Then comes the continual act of surrender, putting the reins in His hands and letting Him take you where He needs you. I’d rather end up fulfilling His will then my own. My way leaves much to be desired but His brings the Holy Spirit and He leaves me pregnant with promise.

Father, I surrender to You. I don’t need to know what You have planned for me, I merely surrender. This journey I’m on is all about You, Your Kingdom coming to earth. My life is no longer mine. When I gave my heart to You, I surrendered every part of me. Forgive me for taking it back, for not trusting You all the time. I love You Lord! There’s no one who compares to You and Your great grace and mercy. May the promise in me come to fruition and bring glory to You. It’s in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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