What’s in a Seed?


Yesterday morning before heading to church, I was spending some time meditating on the Lords faithfulness, goodness and mercy, silently dialoging with His Spirit. Suddenly I heard this verse, found in John 12:24, “It is a fact that a grain of wheat must fall to the ground and die before it can grow and produce much more wheat. If it never dies, it will never be more than a single seed.”

I can hold onto a single seed forever, but it won’t produce until I plant it. It’s not enough to feed one person, let alone a family. Some of us have looked at seeds as a way to feed us, but God had much bigger plans in mind when He talked about the seed. There is purpose in the seed, but it can only be realized when you release it into the ground. Most of us want to be in control instead of releasing it. We become hoarders instead of trusters.

I’m guilty! It’s hard sometimes to release our last bit of control of something God has asked us to let go of. ¬†Mothers have an especially hard time with this. The extreme difficulty of releasing children into a wicked world when we just want to protect them and hold on to them. But that’s not healthy, is it? We must release them and trust the Father to watch over them and keep them. We must trust God with what He has loaned us, knowing that what we’ve invested in them will return a hundred fold, now, in this lifetime.

Everything God places in our hands is not ours to keep. Sometimes we don’t know the DNA of a seed until we plant it. Truth is, until we release what’s in our hands, we will never know the fruit it will yield. So today, let go of your seed. Every prayer you’ve prayed, every child you’ve raised, everything God’s given you, release it and watch and see what God will do with it.

Father, thanks for the seed! I release it to You today. I refuse to go check on it or dig it up to see it’s progress. I will wait patiently for the time when it comes back and brings fruit with it. It will be a lifetime food source, this seed. I will use it to feed others and cause them to grow and trust You with their seed as well. It’s in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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