Work It Baby!


Recently, I sent a friend for a physical therapy consult based on some issues with her hip. It turned out that the muscles were so weak that her hip kept coming out of the socket causing very intense pain. After giving her a regiment of exercises to strengthen those specific muscles, she had hope that as she did her exercises, her hip wouldn’t give her those problems anymore.

Now she had a choice to make; she could either do the exercises and get well, or not do them and have the same issues. She said she kept forgetting to do them, but would remember when it started to bother her. What she had to do was develop a habit of doing to avoid the having.

This morning, the Lord allowed me to see some things about this as related to faith. If we wait until something goes wrong with our body, our mind, our emotions, our finances before we do anything about it, we’re merely treating the symptoms. But if we work out our faith muscles on a daily basis by feeding our faith and using our faith, than when we need our faith, it will work for us.

Unused muscles become weak, everyone should know that. If we don’t use it, we lose it. Your mind is the same way, it must have protein, good fats and exercise for it to continue working properly. You must fill your mind with good things so that it thinks right thoughts. If you allow your mind to think whatever it wants, you will soon act out what you think on. So it is with faith. What you feed grows but what you neglect, don’t expect it to work when you need it.

James 2:20, “But do you want to know, O foolish man, that faith without works is dead?” Nothing improves without work and faith is not exception. We’ve all been given the same amount of faith (Romans 12:3b), but as you work your faith muscle, it will get stronger and support what you’re expecting. Just remember this from our brother James (1:8),  you must be single focused because a double minded man is unstable and won’t receive anything.

If you’re training for a race, you must practice. If you’re going to sing a song, you must practice. If you’re going to be a doctor, you must practice. If you’re believing for a miracle, you must practice. Saturate yourself with the Word. Watch faith teachers. Read faith books. Stop hanging out with doubt and unbelief and surround yourself with faith friends. Your faith will be tested, but if you continue to resist the lies of the enemy you will possess the promise.

Father, thank you for making faith the bridge to manifestation. It’s faith that made me believe that You are and that You reward those who diligently seek You. It’s faith in You that continually moves the mountains, calms the storms, brings peace and rest. Oh great and mighty God, there is no one that compares with You. I cannot do anything in Your Kingdom without faith. If there be any unbelief in me, root it out. If there be any religious thinking, destroy it. I want to please You, and I can only do that with my faith is fully developed. Thank You for the workout this morning, Lord. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.





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