Penetrating Peace


What is the cost of peace? How much would we spend to get some? If your life is full of stress, worry and turmoil, that is NOT the place God wants you to dwell. John 14:27 GNT says, “Peace is what I leave with you; it is my own peace that I give you. I do not give it as the world does. Do not be worried and upset; do not be afraid.”

This peace won’t cost you a dime! You couldn’t buy it if you tried because it’s part of the complete package you obtained when you excepted Jesus Christ as Lord of your life. If you’re not resting in this position of peace, you’re missing out on the best day you could have. It’s not a Yoga position or a place at the beach where you feel calm, it’s a position of trust placed in the Word of God and the finished works of Jesus. You are a carrier of the peace and presence of God and you take it with you wherever you go.

Whatever you’re facing today, give it a glance than go focus on the Father. He said He would give wisdom and understanding to all who ask, so ask. The more time you focus on Him and His great power to save, heal, deliver and transform lives, the less time you find yourself focusing on the problem. Don’t be surprised or offset by His instructions.

I remember a time when I a huge financial need and what I had in my account wasn’t enough to cover it. I didn’t know what to do and my first instinct was to panic. Instead, I went before the Lord and said, “Father, Your word says that You meet ALL my needs according to your limitless supply. You’re not limited by what’s in my account. So I thank you right now for what I have need of is nothing to you.”

I stayed in His presence and just worshipped Him until I felt His peace wash over me. When I got up, I felt a strong impression to take groceries to a friends house. I went and cleaned out my cupboards, then stopped at the store for some meat and fresh veggies, using my ‘not enough’ as a seed. Not only was my friend blessed, but before the due date, an unexpected check came that paid the bill I didn’t have enough for a few days earlier.

I speak peace to your day, the peace that passes understanding, guarding your heart and mind. The peace that sweeps over you, bringing you everything you need for today, restoring everything missing or broken in your life.

Repairer of broken things, redeemer of missed moments, wrong steps and deep losses, come press over us today. Don’t allow us to be too busy that we miss this opportunity to soak in your presence where your peace is found.

Amazing Father, as we sit in your presence this morning, we thank you that in your presence is fullness of joy, peace that passes understanding and overwhelming love. We always come away with so much more then what we entered with. The exchange for our burdens and cares, pain and sadness, deepest losses are met with  your grace and goodness. We walk away restored, renewed, refreshed and with so much hope. It’s in Jesus’ precious name we say, Amen.

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