Climbing Higher


“Daddyyyyyy!” I remember calling out from the heights of a tree I’d climbed. I loved to climb, but coming down was another story. The first time, (yes, it happened more then once) he came with the extension ladder and helped me climb down. The 2nd time, he stood at the bottom (for quite a long time, may I add), until I realized he wasn’t going to bring the ladder, I had to climb down myself. He talked me down one knot at a time until my feet were firmly planted on the ground. It was then he realized that I would indeed climb again and to tell me NOT to climb, only made me want to do it more.

Having heard all the crazy things my dad had done as a child, I think he understood my need for a challenge. Each time I climbed, I knew that I had to have the courage to find my way down, even if my daddy was nowhere around. Over time, I became as good coming down and I was going up, but it took careful planning and determination.

There’s not a lot about my past I remember. It WAS a long time ago, after all, but as I grow older, I have flashes of memories and this was one of them. II Samuel 22:7 NLV “In my trouble I called upon the Lord. Yes, I cried to my God. From His house He heard my voice. My cry for help came into His ears.”

Like my earthly daddy, my heavenly Daddy knows my need for a challenge so he sets me on a path of obstacles. Those obstacles make me more determined to climb higher because my Daddy is at the top, I’m climbing toward Him. Nothing and no one can stop me from climbing to Him. I have my heart set on him, he is my reward. I may stop along the way when I grow tired, but my Father rushes toward me or sends his angels to surround and strengthen me on my journey. He gives me his Word that he’ll never leave me. Never, never, no never will he leave me alone.

So my friend, I encourage you to set your mind on your prize. Don’t give up this close to the top! We can do this together! Keep your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

Father, I pray for all my friends who read this and those who may not. I ask that You extend Your hand and rescue them when they’re in trouble. Although You expect us to do what we feel we’re incapable of doing, You never intended for us to do it alone. May they sense the peace of Your presence as they climb over obstacle and hindrance that stands in their way. You have called them and they have answered You, “Here I am Lord, send me.” It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

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