Got a Spare?


Ever need a rescue? You know, when you’re on your way to an appointment and the tire on your car goes flat? Or you’re driving to work and hit a patch of ice and off in the ditch you go. Perhaps your need for rescue has come in a way where you’re heart was broken, the thing you feared most was being spoken by a doctor, friend, spouse. The money is due and it’s just not here.

We all need a rescue at some point in our lives. Well let me introduce you anew to my rescuer, his name is Jesus. He’s a strong tower, deliverer, healer, provider, protector, rescuer. He sees all, knows all, shows his secrets to those who ask. He hasn’t taken a break, gone on vacation, checked out for the day. He’s a friend that is closer than a brother, he’s aware of everything going on in your life. His name is Jesus.

The mention of his name calms storms, heals sick, raises the dead. He’s not broken, you can still say his name and it still works the same today as it has and will forever. Go ahead, close your eyes, say it out loud, Jesus! again, Jesus. LOUDER-JESUS. Keep saying it until you feel his presence, receive his peace, his assurance that he is watching over his word each and everyday. Jesus! I tell you this; regardless of what you face, his name which is above every name, still works today.

Psalm 34:4 says, “I sought the Lord, and He heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” So Father, I seek you with all my heart. I’m so thankful that you not only hear me, you come to my rescue. There I was in the middle of my mess and you came to me, scooped me out and set me on a high place before the flood overtook me. I love you, Lord. I’m yelling out with a loud voice, JESUS, because everything I need is in that name. Amen

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