A Tank Full of Thankful


Psalm 9:1-I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works.

You know, there is nothing like being so full of thankfulness that you spill over onto everyone around you. I can start recounting the things God has done to someone and before long, they’re joining in with their on list.

Let’s see if it works with you; Lord, I thank you for breath today. I woke up! It’s a good day! Thank you for your loving kindness and tender mercies. They are new every morning, so yesterday is over and today I enjoy new ones. Thank you for my husband, my daughters, my son in law and my grandchildren. I know that you watch over them, protect and keep them in all their ways. Thank you that they’re taught of the Lord and great is their peace and undisturbed composure.

Thank you for my friends. I pray you will walk with them, talk with them, lead and guide them through struggles they face today. Thank you that you’re their healer, provider and protector. You know what they have need of and you go before them and have already provided for that need. You are concerned for them and are aware of them.

Thank you for your many blessings on my life personally. God, I’m so in love with you! You’ve called me and chosen me for great things. Thank you that you order my steps and make my path clear. Every trap the enemy tries to set, you spring the traps so that I don’t fall into them. Because I have made You my refuge, no evil with fall on me, my husband or my children. I won’t fear evil, for you protect me. You lead and guide me into all truth.

I place my life in your capable hands, knowing that you will cause even my enemies to be at peace with me. You give me wisdom and understanding and cause favor to chase after me. Because I have a giving heart, money comes to me like a magnet. I’m merely a channel for your blessings to flow through me into others. You supply everything I need and more so that I can put in store and help build your kingdom.

I hope you know, I could continue on and on and on here. There’s not enough time or paper to pen what I have in my heart to be thankful for. You see, if my focus is on Him, I’m thankful. If my focus is on the world or the things of this world, I become greedy. My heart is always set on HIGH. It comes up out of me without even trying. That’s how I want to live my life, so that when people see me coming, they don’t cringe, they smile.

Have a blessed day today and remember, God hears your thanksgiving and it fills Him up and makes Him smile too.

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