Love Unwrapped


Ever wake up tired? You seemingly got a good nights sleep, but you’re just tired. My husband is like that. He can sleep 8 hours and it still takes him an hour to really wake up. He and I are very different that way. When I wake up, I’m awake! Then I jump in the shower to seal the deal. Grab my cup of coffee and my protein drink, excited to spend time with my Father.

That’s what I feel this morning, like He’s waiting for me and I don’t want to keep Him. When I walk into the room, I feel His presence, an expectation of secrets to be shared and gifts to be given. Each day just a little more special than the day before.

Good morning, Father. What’s up?

Oh daughter, I couldn’t wait for you to wake up. I just love you so much. I have a gift for you.

You do? Oh Father, what is it? Can I open it now? Is it something I can use, cause you know how practical I am! LOL

(Big smile) I’ve already opened it for you. It’s a deeper understanding of who I am. I’ve heard you say how much you long to know me in all of my fullness so I’ve unwrapped the gift of me. From now on, you will know me as everything that I am and all that you need. You truly trust me for everything and I love being your provider.

Oh, there is nothing I want more than that. My heart longs for you like a dry and thirsty land. Just to know that you’re with me wherever I go, thrills my soul. You bring so much with you; peace, joy, love, hope, assurance, wholeness, nothing missing or broken. To know you more than that is beyond my wildest dreams or anything I could possibly imagine. I already feel like I’ll explode when your Spirit pulses through my body.

(Daughter and husband just came in and hugged and loved on me)

Do you see what just happened? When you lift Me up and exalt Me, I draw all men unto Me. People are drawn to you because of Me in you. The more time you spend here, the more favor is on your life. You have unwrapped Me when you began to seek Me with all of your heart. Great will be your reward.

Father, I’m honored to be known as Your child. I will take You with me all day, showing others the love You have lavishly poured out on me. It’s in Jesus’ name, Amen.

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