Vision and Planning


How do you plan vacations? You get a picture of what you’d like to experience, then you make the arrangements to go there, right? You don’t just get tickets, land there, then check out the hotels and things available to do. No, you make the reservations BEFORE you arrive.

When you hear that winter is finally over (for my northern friends, that may be a bit harder to predict), you begin to prepare for spring. You get the lawn mower ready, sharpen the blades, schedule a tune-up. If you’re going to plant a garden, you get your gardening tools ready, your seed, you prepare the ground.  Here in Florida, we just get ready for humid and hot. We get the pools cleaned, make sure the chemicals are right, the pump is working.

I hear a lot of people who are dissatisfied with where they are, but refuse to do what it takes to make the transition into the next season. They’ve been talking about a new season, but they do nothing to get ready for it. They expect God to pick them up and move them to a new job, a new city, new health, but are doing nothing to make ready for what they’re believing for.

To quote Lance Wallnau, “To get to where you’ve never been, you have to do something you’ve never done.” Some of us have been stuck where we are, when we’ve been given a clear word from the Lord to do something different. Do you know what a prophetic word is for? It’s to get you to see yourself in the future. I love Kim Clements song, “I’m somewhere in the future, and I look much better than I look right now.”

If you’re sick but know God’s will is health, ask God what you should do to get to your future healthy place. It could be, “Wash in the Jordan river 7 times,” or “Stretch out your hand,” but if you hear something, your obedience will bring the miracle. If you’re being attacked financially, it could be a don’t make no sense word like, “Make a meal for the man of God first,” or “Give $100 to that person right over there.” Wait, that doesn’t make sense! I’m already short on money!

You are in the same place because you refuse to get out of your comfort zone to experience the blessings of God. Don’t wait for your wife to fix your problems, YOU get on your face before God and listen, than obey. Perhaps you’re not hearing because you’ve stopped listening. God is always wanting to commune with you! He’s waiting for you to come in and sit with Him and listen. He already knows what you have need of. He’s got it all planned out, your future. Do you trust Him?

Thank you Lord for always challenging me to come and lean in a little closer. Anxiety has kept me from stepping out into the river. The ‘what if’s’ have crippled me from exiting my comfort zone into the supernatural risky realm of your glory. Help me to pick up my feet and walk, knowing that you will part the waters and stop the flow of the river so that I can get safely to the other side. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.


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