Is Heaven a Place or Position?


Luke 9: 26-27 TLB; “When I, the Messiah, come in my glory and in the glory of the Father and the holy angels, I will be ashamed then of all who are ashamed of me and of my words now. But this is the simple truth—some of you who are standing here right now will not die until you have seen the Kingdom of God.”

I used to read this scripture and think, all of them died before they saw the Kingdom of God, because the Kingdom of God is heaven, right? Wrong. Jesus talked a lot about the Kingdom of Heaven. In Luke 17:20-21, He told the Pharisees, “The Kingdom of God isn’t ushered in with visible signs. You won’t be able to say, ‘It has begun here in this place or there in that part of the country.’ For the Kingdom of God is within you.”

Jesus also taught that to be great in the Kingdom of Heaven, you must be least. It’s the poor in spirit who see God. It’s being like a child. It’s humility. It’s seeking God with all your heart. It’s right motives. It’s like being a treasure hunter so you can give it all away. It’s planting a tree so that others can enjoy the shade and fruit from it. It’s peace and joy. It’s everything that this world is not.

And last but certainly not least, the story found in Matthew 25:14-29, of a man traveling to a distant land, calling his servants to him and distributing talents. Expecting them to actually do something with them, he found that one had buried his because he was afraid. This one servant did not know his Father. He had heard things ‘about’ God but didn’t truly ‘know’ God. So he not only lost what was given to him, but he was cast from the very presence of God.

My dear remnant friend, it’s not about leadership, it’s about servant-ship. It’s not about obtaining wealth, it’s about distributing wealth. It’s about becoming a servant like Jesus. He washed feet, he healed ALL, he cooked fish, he fed thousands, he gave his life, he took back what the enemy had stolen, he gave us the keys. Be remnant, set apart, followers of Jesus by knowing who lives in you and letting him do with you as he sees fit.

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