Force Your Focus Up


Romans 8:28 AMP; And we know [with great confidence] that God [who is deeply concerned about us] causes all things to work together [as a plan] for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His plan and purpose.

Paul was one positive, uplifting, encouraging person. What intrigues me is that he wrote most of his letters in prison, or a pit of some sort. He’d been beaten so many times for taking the gospel to unreached people and communities, but he never let the persecution stop him. Rather he encouraged all who came after him that God is deeply concerned about us and causes all things to work toward the plans and purposes of a loving God.

Sometimes in listening to people, I can tell where they’ve spent most of their time. If they’re fearful, they’ve been watching too much news. If they’re discouraged, they’ve been looking at their circumstances more than focusing on God. I love surrounding myself with positive people! I’d rather be with someone who quotes the Word to me through tears, then someone who quotes all the doctors reports, news or political climate. Where your focus is, changes your perspective which changes your outcome.

Have you ever cloud watched? You know, you stare at the clouds and see what it reminds you of. You can take a positive person and a negative person, have them stare at the same cloud, one will see rain coming, the other will see an angel. Same cloud, it’s just the way you see it is different. Look for the good, you’ll see good. Look for the bad, you’ll see bad. When you look at the storm, it will last longer and you’ll be afraid, but when you look beyond the storm, you’ll know there’s blue skies up ahead, it won’t last forever.

There are always choices we make everyday that determines whether we see things Gods way or the way of the world. This verse is a great one to memorize and keep as a reference. All things work together for good. God has a good plan for you and if you’ll trust Him, you’ll see the good come to pass. Until you learn this, you’ll keep going through what you’re going through, jogging around the same mountain until you collapse in a heap and call out to God to help you see things differently. Your way is not always the best way, in fact your way is NEVER the best way.

Father, I see so many times I thought I could fix it or make it better when all I did was make a huge mess out of it. What was I thinking! Remind me that it’s not about me or my plans, it’s about You and Your plan. I’m a small piece of a bigger game plan and my part is important to Your Kingdom plan. I submit to You today. I ask that You will lead and guide me into all truth. That my attention would be on You and not what I’m going through. When I see lack, help me to remember that I have access to all You have and You have it all. I love You, Lord. I just need to love You more than I love me. In Jesus’ name, Amen

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