Why, God? Why?


Isaiah 45:9-10 ERV; “Look at these people! They are arguing with the one who made them. Look at them argue with me. They are like pieces of clay from a broken pot. Clay does not say to the one molding it, ‘Man, what are you doing?’ Things that are made don’t have the power to question the one who makes them.  A father gives life to his children, and they cannot ask, ‘Why are you giving me life?’ They cannot question their mother and ask, ‘Why are you giving birth to me?’”

Why God? Why? Why was I born? Why am I going through this? When will I get what I need? When will my healing be manifested? Why don’t I have my house yet? What are you up to, God? I wouldn’t do it that way, I’d do it this way! Sounds silly, right? But how many times a day do we question God? I know I have! Questioning is not just mere curiosity, it’s a sign of mistrust. We love to be in control of everything and when we’re not, it makes us question.

I was reminded recently that God is sovereign. That word means; a person who has supreme power or authority. That means, there is no one higher than Him, no one greater, He is it. The very one who created everything, even us, has a plan and purpose for everything we go through. He is sovereign. When we trust Him, we don’t stress over it because we know He has our very best in store for us. We know that all things work together for good to them who love God and are called according to His purpose. We know that when we trust in the Lord and do good, we will dwell in the land and feed on His faithfulness.

Father, forgive my questioning and our doubting, it only shows how little I trust You. I will say of You Lord, You are my refuge and fortress, my God in who I will trust. There is nothing to fear for I know my steps are ordered by you and everything will work out according to Your plans for me. When I’m hungry, I will turn it into a fast to you. When I’m tired, I will lay my head on Your lap and take a nap, resting in You. Nothing is too hard for you! You created the world, the sky and all that is in it. The things I go through are so small. You have planned out my life from beginning to end and I will trust in You. You are sovereign and everything I need has already been provided for me. I will thank You and praise You for there is no one who has more power than You. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray, Amen

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