The Unbeaten Path


Isaiah 42:16 ERV; Then I will lead the blind along a path they never knew to places where they have never been before.  I will change darkness into light for them.  I will make the rough ground smooth.  I will do these things for them; I will not abandon my people.

Have you ever been in an unfamiliar territory, taking a path you’ve never been on before? Usually, if you’re unsure of your path, you keep your eyes down, right? Watching for holes in the road so you don’t turn your ankle, rocks that might cause you to fall. But when you’re familiar with the path, your looking around because you know where those things are in the path, your brain has it mapped out, you’re comfortable. You glance down now and then, but for the most part, you’ve got this!

But this verse states that God will lead the blind along a path they never knew and to places where they have never been before. THAT takes a whole different level of trust, doesn’t it? Relying on our spiritual sight instead of our fleshly sight. Trusting God to change darkness to light, make smooth the rough ground. How many of us have been on a walk with God where that has taken place. Where He says, go, and we follow blindly along the way? I daresay, not many.

But those who do, have been overcome with awe and delight at the way God works. Remember, His is a backward Kingdom. He uses the foolish things of this earth to confound the wise. He takes the uneducated and puts His Words in their mouths so that they astound the educated. He overlooks the qualified and uses the unqualified. Why? So that no man may boast, ‘It was me!’ I love that about God because it gives me hope.

This journey we’re on is simply a trust journey. God wants our complete and total trust. When He commands us to leap, we know He will catch us. He’s waiting for us to take this trip with Him, but we’re hesitant to leave the familiar path, the one where we can walk looking up because it’s well known. God wants us to know Him in ALL His fullness, not just when we’re desperate and in need of something. Our spirit wants to run with God but our flesh is holding us back to the familiar, safe path.

Father, I want to run with You. I want my face to shine with the light of Your glory. I want my life to reflect Your love, grace and mercy. I want my scars to be visible, my hair to be messy, my clothes to be mismatched. I want to be nothing so that YOU can be everything in me. I trust You with my life, but if there be any part of me that doesn’t, show me that I may know You fully in all Your glory. It’s in Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

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