I Am Who I Am and I Make No Apologies For That!


Psalm 139:13-14 ERV, “You formed the way I think and feel. You put me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because you made me in such a wonderful way.  I know how amazing that was!”

The first part of that passage caught my attention this morning; He formed the way I think and feel. Everything about me, the way I look, my makeup, the thoughts and desires I have, my weird sense of humor, HE made me that way. Yes! To all of my close friends who continually shake their head and comment about my craziness, I come about it honestly because my Father made me this way. To Walt, who rolls his eyes each time I spontaneously break out into a song because of phrases I catch him saying, it’s a God thing! HA!

So many of us try to conform, to be accepted as ‘normal’, go with the flow and not stand out in a crowd, but God wants us to be different from one another. Stop making apologies for who you are and be thankful for the you that you are. God’s not finished using you because you’ve made mistakes, nor because you have no talent. He’s forgiven every mistake and you have talent, it’s just waiting for you to jump out of your insecurities and delight in who God made you to be. Stop limiting yourself by trying to be who you’re not made to be. Discover who you are by spending time with your maker until you become comfortable in His presence being you.

Father, I praise you because you made me in such a wonderful way.  I know how amazing that was! The day you formed me in my mothers womb, you mixed in joy and laughter, you put a song in my heart, lots of love to give out, and yes, a very weird sense of humor. You knew there was someone in my future who would need what I have inside of me, and You placed my feet on a path that is ever changing and full of surprises. I am fearfully and wonderfully made and You take great delight in the plans you have for me. Today and every day, heaven celebrates me. You are proud of me and that is all that matters. It’s all for Your purpose and Your glory. In Jesus’ Name, Amen

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