God Has a Better Plan


Jeremiah 29:11-14, I say this because I know the plans that I have for you.” This message is from the Lord. “I have good plans for you. I don’t plan to hurt you. I plan to give you hope and a good future.  Then you will call my name. You will come to me and pray to me, and I will listen to you.  You will search for me, and when you search for me with all your heart, you will find me.  I will let you find me.” This message is from the Lord. “And I will bring you back from your captivity. I forced you to leave this place. But I will gather you from all the nations and places where I have sent you,” says the Lord, “and I will bring you back to this place.”

Yesterday while I was cleaning the condo we’ll move into tomorrow, I received a message from a dear sister in the Lord and former manager of mine. She wrote, “Hi Sandy – Just wanted you to know that I started praying for you a few minutes ago and the words “God is the God of Better Plans” came out of my mouth. I wonder if God is saying he has better plans for you than what you were hoping for?” Can I just tell you that those words echoed deep in my spirit all night long. ‘God is the God of Better Plans!’

Sometimes your circumstances don’t line up with the vision or dream God has given you. Sometimes your dreams are so dead that you bury it in the ground and have a funeral session over it. But let me tell you what God says in John 12:24; “It is a fact that a grain of wheat must fall to the ground and die before it can grow and produce much more wheat. If it never dies, it will never be more than a single seed.”

You may have buried your dream, but God knows where it’s buried. He has not forgotten you at all, he is merely giving it a chance to grow. This is where you must trust him to keep what you’ve committed to him. This is where you trust the soil it’s planted in to produce a ‘miracle grow’, bumper crop. The fertilizer (words) you use will either kill it, or cause it to yield 100 fold return. Watch what you say during this season. Keep your eyes on God and speak what he says, do what he tells you to do, go where he tells you to go. There’s purpose in everything, even when it makes absolutely no sense at all.

Oh Father, I’m so excited for what I don’t yet see. My dreams are so small and yours are so big. Help me to get on board with your plan, to jump up in your lap and allow you to open the eyes of my understanding. Give me clarity of thought and purpose. Help me to stay on task and not allow discouragement or doubt to drain my soil of nutrients needed for growth. It’s in the hands of the Master Gardener that I commit my hopes and dreams, and in the mighty Name of Jesus I trust, Amen

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