Take a Walk With Me


Psalm 23 (Sandy’s Version)

Oh Father, today I declare that you are my Shepherd, you lead, guide and watch over me and because of your every watchful eye, I will not want for any good thing, ever. Ah, you restore my soul as I lay down to rest in plush pastures and walk beside peaceful streams. Even in the darkest of dark nights, when death is so near I feel it breathing down my neck, I will not fear at all because your rod and staff make corrections, keeping me on the right path, listening to only your voice.

When I’m surrounded by my enemies, people who wish me harm, whose words are contrary to yours and are constantly hoping I will fail, I find myself partaking of the richness of your Word at the table you’ve prepared for me. You have anointed me and filled me with your Spirit so that what is in me, overflows to others around me. I’m not even affected by their ill wishes, their gloom, doom and despair bounces off me because you have placed angels around me to keep me on the right path always.

I’m being chased down by your goodness. When I mess up, your mercy covers it up. I’m so excited for what you have in store for me that I feel like a little kid about to go on their first roller-coaster ride. Every day is an adventure, finding treasure in the Word and people around me. If I look for you, I will find you. You’re always waiting for me, watching over me, planning great things for me. This journey just keeps getting better and better. We will never be apart for just as you are with me now, I will be with you forever. Amen and Amen.

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