Don’t Expect What You Haven’t Planted!


Deuteronomy 7:9-10 ERV, “So remember that the Lord your God is the only God, and you can trust him! He keeps his agreement. He shows his love and kindness to all people who love him and obey his commands. He continues to show his love and kindness through a thousand generations, but the Lord punishes people who hate him. He will destroy them. He will not be slow to punish those who hate him.”

What are we to remember?

1. The Lord God is the only God, there is no other God but him. Don’t look to or worship other gods, which can be in the form of money, self or monetary things. He cannot be 2nd place, 3rd place or 4th place. We must place Him on the throne of our lives as everything to us. Father, Physician, Banker, Spouse, Peace, whatever you need him to be, he is all that and more.

2. We can trust Him. He made a promise and he will keep it. With everything and anything, we can trust him because always keeps his Word! Trust his plan because it has purpose but with everything, there’s a process. Just because we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there. We can’t go shaking our finger at God when things don’t happen in our time frame. God doesn’t work in our time. He sees the end from the beginning so he sees things we don’t. We can trust Him!

3. Love him and keep his commands. This isn’t a one-sided covenant. We can’t do whatever we want and think that there aren’t consequences. Don’t be deceived! Galatians 6:7 says, “If you think you can fool God, you are only fooling yourselves. You will harvest what you plant.” God’s love and grace, his forgiveness is a free gift to us, we don’t have to work for it or do anything to earn it. Salvation is for us and it’s ours for the asking. Believe in Jesus, receive his gift and it’s a done deal. But if we want to live a life of sonship, we must obey Father and love him always.

4. His love and kindness is generational. It’s for our children, our grand-children and our great-grandkids a thousand generations strong. I’m reaping from seeds planted by Jesus when he was here on the earth. I’m reaping seeds my father planted and my children will reap from the years of my faithful obedience to the Lord. What a great promise. Some of us need to pray for crop failure! Just sayin!

5. Lastly, the Lord punishes those who hate him. Ok, that’s never something we like to think about, but it’s going to happen. It doesn’t say that he hates them, it says he will punish those who hate him. The gift of Jesus’ sacrifice extends to them as well, but if they refuse to receive it, they hate God. It’s hot or cold, right or wrong, there’s no ‘perhaps’ or ‘maybe’, no living life ‘my own way’ and expecting to go to heaven when I die. There is one way and that’s through Jesus Christ, period, end of story. No argument, no other way.

Father, I believe in your son, Jesus and the sacrifice of his life for me. I believe that when he shed his blood, it was for my forgiveness, my healing and my deliverance. I submit and surrender my old life for the new life you give. I know that means I’m no longer my own boss. I have a new employer to work for and that is You. You prepaid for my services, the least I can do is obey and love you, do what you ask me to do, go where you ask me to go. You see the big picture and I trust your perspective in all things. I know I don’t have to ‘work’ for my salvation because it was a gift. But I do have to work at being obedient and trusting in what I don’t see to gain what you freely give me. I want to reap good things, so help me to plant good seed. It’s in Jesus Name I pray, Amen


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