My Voice Isn’t Lost To Him


Psalm 81:7 Voice; You cried out to Me, I heard your distress, and I delivered you; I answered you from the secret place, where clouds of thunder roll.

He hears us! Wherever we are, whatever we’re going through, in every trial and test, He hears us. What an amazing thing to know, that the God, the only God hears us.

Imagine for a moment a crowded room with lots of noise and in the center of it all, you think you hear your name. You strain to hear it and look around for where the voice comes from. There it is again. You search all over and sure enough, there’s your daughter or son calling out for you. That’s what happens in Heaven when you call out to God. He hears you. What a beautiful thing to know this morning as we rush to get ready for work or take the kids to school. We can call out His sweet name and He hears us.

Father, we will never take for granted that you hear us. When we’re lonely or afraid we can cry out to you and you hear us. Your ears are trained on our voice. You can hear us from far or near because you are our Father. As we call out to you today, we ask you to cover us with your blood, protect and keep us from the evil plans of our enemies, for there are many. We know that all power and authority are yours and you have given it to us though your Holy Spirit. May we be mindful of our authority and use it well today. We give You all the honor and glory forever. In Jesus’ Name. Amen

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