Go From Observer to Participator This Year


What a delight to be in the presence of the Lord! Last night, new years eve, I had the distinct honor of ushering in the new year in the presence of the Lord. Our church began worshipping at 10:00 pm, worshipped for over an hour, had communion together, prayed for each other, then worshipped until midnight. I’m a worshipper, but this just took me to another level, a place where I’ve visited but never stayed.

Worship is to feel an adoring reverence or regard. It’s when you are lost for words and the feelings of love overtake you, causing you to funnel every ounce of your being into the direction of His divine presence. You become alone, even when surrounded by others. Your words are for one, received by one, an exchange of dialog with a trusted confidant. An intimate touching of your spirit with His Spirit, creating a oneness, a longing, a need to give and receive beyond anything you’ve experienced in your flesh.

Wave upon wave of mercy. Wave upon wave of grace. Wave upon wave of love. It’s the most beautiful place that comes from complete and total surrender. If you’ve never experienced what I’m talking about, it’s time you did. Lay everything down before the Father and tell him he’s the only thing that matters. Give it all up to him. Every care, every problem, every thought, every selfish ambition, all you have, give it to him. Now just tell him you love him. Don’t ask for anything! Don’t come with conditions, come as you are just to love him.

I listened to a video clip called ‘Jump’ this morning that talked about wanting but not having because we are afraid to jump. Everyone who has anything has had to risk everything and make the jump. If you’re unwilling to jump, you will remain an observer, not a participator. Don’t stay on the outside looking in when the invitation to the table of the Lord was for you all along. Everything you’ve ever needed or wanted has been provided for you, you just have to attend the party and enjoy.

Father, you’ve invited us to come to your table and eat with you, but so many are just too busy to come. Please forgive us for thumbing our noses at your invitation, being too busy to bother, too indifferent to care. Day after day you wait for us, but someday, you will close the door and give our place to another, someone who is hungry and wanting time with you. I come hungry. May I never miss an opportunity to lavish my love on you. After all you’ve done, I cannot give you less than all of me. It’s in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen


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