What Are You Afraid Of?


Have you ever been afraid? Of course you have! We’ve all battled fear at some point in our life. Fear can come in different ways and in varied degrees, but what fuels fear? Your thought life. The more you think about something, meditate on it and allow it to consume you, the more fear grows. You can’t think it away, you must replace it.

Picture a glass of dirty water sitting full in the sink. When you run the faucet into that glass, what happens to the water that was in the glass? All of the dirty water that was in the glass is exchanged by the tap water. If you run that faucet hard and long enough, there will be no trace of dirty water left in the glass. That is how our minds work. Just by living in the world, listening to the news, hearing bad news, our minds become so filled and cluttered by words that cultivate fear. It’s those things that satan uses to instill fear in us. The more he can get us to think on them, the more fear builds up. Trust me, he’s done it for a very long time and is good at his job.

But to run the tap water of God’s Word into our mind, replaces those fears and doubts with what is true, because God doesn’t lie. I love what Paul told the Philippians in 4:8-9, “Brothers and sisters, continue to think about what is good and worthy of praise. Think about what is true and honorable and right and pure and beautiful and respected.  And do what you learned and received from me—what I told you and what you saw me do. And the God who gives peace will be with you.” 

Did you see that? What you think on brings the peace of God. It’s just a matter of thought replacement. When your mind begins to think a fearful thought, be quick to say; “God has not given me the spirit of fear, but power, love and a sound mind! Because I’m his child, I will think of all the good things God has done for me in the past and drown out the sound of your voice!” Be quick to replace the thoughts at the onset, don’t wait until they take root and grow into a huge tree that you have to hire someone to come and cut it down! Fear must be dealt with at it’s root! The enemy to fear is faith, but you have to stand guard and not allow fear to have any part of your thoughts. As soon as it comes, put it down.

2 Corinthians 10:3-5 ERV;  “We live in this world, but we don’t fight our battles in the same way the world does. The weapons we use are not human ones. Our weapons have power from God and can destroy the enemy’s strong places. We destroy people’s arguments,  and we tear down every proud idea that raises itself against the knowledge of God. We also capture every thought and make it give up and obey Christ.” 

I love that! We must destroy people’s arguments and tear down every proud idea that raises itself against the knowledge of God. People’s arguments are proud ideas. They think they know more than God! But if we know the Word or Truth, it sets us free. We can’t capture every thought and make it give up if we don’t have the knowledge of God’s Word in us to come against those thoughts with. It would be the equivalent of sending our children into battle with squirt guns. I don’t care how real they look, you can’t kill the enemy with water! But the water of the Word will work if we know it and use it.

Thank you Father for showing us yet again how to overcome; by the blood of your son and the word of our testimony. May we fill ourselves with your Word so that every time fear comes in, we allow the water of your Word to wash it away. You are faithful to keep your Word to us. We place our trust in you always. It’s in the name of your Son Jesus we pray. Amen


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