Weird Warfare


I was talking with my daughter Stacy, on the drive home from work last night, comparing notes on the crazy things that have been going on with both of us this week. One word came to mind as we spoke; weird warfare. Have you ever experienced weird warfare? Weird  stuff going on everywhere, trying to hijack your emotions, your attention, overwhelm you, make you feel inadequate, incapable, defeated?  It’s like PMS on steroids. You try to focus on the Word but the thoughts in your head are so loud, they drown out the Word.

I decided to turn off the noise in my head and just be still before the Lord. Sometimes just experiencing the peace and presence of God is what’s needed to get you to a place of victory. Psalm 16:8 ERV says, “I always remember that the Lord is with me. He is here, close by my side,  so nothing can defeat me.” There may be small battles going on around me, but the Lord is always with me. I may be in a fight for my peace, but nothing can defeat me. 

Perhaps this is you as well, feeling like you’re alone and God’s forgotten you. Never! He’s right in the middle of your mess, calling you to a place of victory only found in Him. Do you hear Him? You have to listen close. It’s not the loud voice that’s screaming for your attention, it’s the whisper, tune in on that voice. You can do it. Remember the time you were in that crowd but you heard your son/daughter call you above the noise of the crowd? It’s like that. Listen.

Like the rush of a wind, a release of a dam, here it comes, washing over you, refreshing you, out with the old, in with the new. Welcome, Holy Spirit. You bring wisdom, strength, refreshing, I can do this! You even sort out my scrambled thoughts and put them in order so that I can do one thing at a time.  It’s kind of like the lists that Walt is so well known for! All numbered on a page, I know exactly what to do now.

Father, thank you for bringing order to chaos, peace to turmoil, hope to my hopelessness. Nothing, absolutely nothing is impossible for you. You have this. None of this is a surprise to you. You knew that we would face this long before it happened and have already made a way out. Thank you that you show me the way out, that you prove to me time and time again that I’m not in control at all. You are! I will hitch a ride on your wings through it all, above it all, where I find rest in the process of peace. Thank you Father! You have this all worked out and I will give you all the glory for it. In Jesus’ Name. Amen



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