What’s In You?


Philippians 3:18-21 ERV There are many who live like enemies of the cross of Christ. I have often told you about them. And it makes me cry to tell you about them now. The way they live is leading them to destruction. They have replaced God with their own desires. They do shameful things, and they are proud of what they do. They think only about earthly things.  But the government that rules us is in heaven. We are waiting for our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, to come from there.  He will change our humble bodies and make them like his own glorious body. Christ can do this by his power, with which he is able to rule everything.

I recently had a conversation with the Lord about why there is so much crime and insane acts of road rage in our nation today. Here’s what he spoke to my spirit; “It all begins with what they look at with their eyes. Once they see it, they think on it over and over again, then they tell someone about it. Soon what they see doesn’t satisfy the hunger that the initial vision created and they begin to act out. Do you think serial killers became that over night? No. It began with an image planted that stimulated them, soon they couldn’t satisfy their hunger. All habits and addictions are formed in the same manner. Once you partake of it, your flesh desires it and it’s difficult to control the flesh.

“But I’ve made your spirit to dominate your flesh. I’ve made you more than a conquerer. That’s why I’ve told you to cast down every thought that doesn’t line up with my Word. I’ve given you my armor to protect yourself. I’ve placed my Word in you to use, not to lay dormant and unused. You are a spirit, you live in a body and you must control that body to obey your spirit which is one with my Spirit. The Kingdom of God is within you and although you are in the world, you’re not of the world. I’ve told you to come out and separate yourself, that is because if you fill yourself up with the things of this world, you become like them and I have need of you. If the world can’t see a difference, of what value are you to me? 

“Be watchful of what you allow to come into your eye gates. I’ve called you to be like me. If that’s what you truly desire, than you must come up higher, see what I see, speak what I speak, agree with me and not the world. Behold I come quickly. I will recognize those who are mine by their love of others. What they think on will be what comes out of them.”

Father, I humble myself before you and ask that today, you will help me to turn away from watching or doing things that this world has infected me with. I really want to be more like you. Purify my heart. Cleanse my mind. Open my eyes to see you, open my ears to hear you but open my heart to you that I may love like you.


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